Ustechko-Chervone-Nyrkiv Trail


The Science Department has developed its recommendations regarding trail No. 001 Ustechko – Chervone – Nyrkiv.

You can start the tour from the village of Ustechko in three locations: the destroyed old bridge, the mouth of the Dzhuryn where it flows into the Dnister, or the automobile bridge, where the trail maps are to be located.


Eco Trail Ustechko

The trail enables tourists to look at the old bridge over the Dnister, to see a tree rare in the Dnister area – Amur cork tree, as well as other rare plants in Ustechko wood. In Pustelnia tract, tourists can drink curative water, see a forest lake, a weird rock with a cave, and bathe under the stream of Maiden Tears Waterfall.

In Chervone tract, you can see the ruins of the Chervonohorod Castle, the Assumption of Mary Church, and the Poninski Chapel or have a hydro massage in the Dzhuryn Waterfall, the largest flatland waterfall in Ukraine.

Walking up the Dzhuryn, you can admire another quaint travertine rock with caves and a waterfall with a three-meter stalagmite.

The trail can be of different lengths and difficulty levels. The shortest route goes through Pustelnia tract, descends to the Dzhuryn and follows a picturesque path along the river back to Ustechko. The medium-difficulty trail includes also a trip to Chervone tract and back along the Dzhuryn, and the longest route includes a hike to Nyrkiv travertine rock.

Trekking activities include sport orienteering and azimuth hikes across the wood from Pustelnia to Chervone and to Nyrkiv travertine rock.


Petro Ploshchanskyi, Researcher of NNP Dnister Canyon

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