Head of the Department of Environmental Education -

Department of Environmental Education is responsible for organizing environmental and educational activities among the population, informing the public and establishing public relations with a view to forming environmental awareness and engaging the people in nature preservation.

The main objectives of the Department are determined based on the programs and plans approved by the Park Director.

The Department promotes the development of conservation and ecological movements and environmental education of students, and develops the environmental ethic norms.

The Department engages in the following work types:

  • promoting environmental awareness;
  • introducing new forms and methods of environmental education;
  • forecasting the long-term effects of human interference in nature;
  • organizing environmental events, competitions, seminars, etc.;
  • creating photo, slide, film and video libraries.

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2012 11 06 3

On November 6, representatives of the Environmental Education Department had a productive meeting with the Grade 9 students of the Makovey Secondary School specializing in IT and engineering subjects. During the meeting, the students were absorbed in the world of nature and understood that nature needs their protection and care.


2012 11 05 1

On November 5, 2012, representatives of the Department of Environmental Education had a meeting with the administration and teachers from Dobrovliany Secondary School. The specialists from the Department organized a presentation to inform the attendees of the goal and the main tasks of NNP Dniester Canyon.


**Fall Day celebration was held in the Montessori Kindergarten for children from 3 to 7 in Zalishchyky. The celebration was attended by A. Sidorov from the Environmental Education Department of the NNP Dniester Canyon. He helped organize the drawing and poems contests, where the children's imagination reminded the participants of the bright autumn days, the paths covered with rustling leaves, the Indian summer and the cranes flying in the blue sky. The meeting, which was held on October 10, was followed by a presentation of the NNP Dniester Canyon for the kindergarten staff.

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On October 12, the NNP Director M. Shkilniuk opened a series of broadcasts on the Zalishchyky District radio station dealing with the functioning of the National Park. All of the senior professionals from the science and other departments will take part in the broadcasts. The same broadcast series are to be organized on the radio stations in Borshchiv, Buchach and Monastyryska Districts.{jcomments on}

The Department of Environmental Education of the NNP keeps organizing cooperation with various institutions. On October 16, specialists from the Department had an informative meeting with the staff of Kalynonka kindergarten in Zalishchyky. The meeting dealt with the use of accessible forms of environmental education for children, such as drawing contests and poetic competitions, which promote love to nature and motherland. The meeting participants were also informed of the primary tasks of the National Nature Park Dniester Canyon at the foundation stage.

2012 10 19

On October 30, 2012, representatives of the Department of Environmental Education attended Ye. Khraplyvyi Agricultural College in Zalishchyky, a division of the National University of Bioresources and Wildlife Management of Ukraine.

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2012 10 25 1

The team of the Environmental Education Department of NNP keep establishing ties with institutions of various backgrounds. On October 25, they met with the staff and students of St. Jehosaphat Collegium specializing in history and philosophy, located within the Buchach Monastery of the Holy Cross. The teachers and students watched a presentation about the formation and main goals of the NNP Dniester Canyon.{jcomments on}


To promote ecological culture and environmental awareness among the population, a meeting was organized by the NPP with the staff of Zalishchyky Vocational School. The meeting was devoted to environmental education of the student youth.

2012 10 22 1


On October 3-4, A. Sidorov from the Environmental Education Department travelled to Buchach, Monastyrysk and Koropets. His trip was aimed at organizing research and methodology cooperation with educational institutions in the above towns in order to enhance environmental culture and education. Agreements on mutual cooperation have already been signed with schools in Zalishchyky, Borshchiv, Melnytsia-Podilska and Skala-Podilska.
The meetings with school administrators and teachers, including G. Nenych, Principal of Buchach Secondary School No. 3, and G. Mykhailiv, Principal of the Buchach Lyceum, were informative and productive. A. Sidorov also met with Father Irenaeus, Principal of St. Jehosaphat Collegium. The Collegium includes a monastery and a beautiful church with an adjacent school of 120 students.{jcomments on}

On October 2, employees of the NNP Dnister Canyon met with teachers and students of Zalishchyky School No. 2. Vice-Principal G. Zagariya welcomed the guests and led them to speak with students of the 10th form Maryana Zhuretska and Iryna Svicheniuk, who spoke about the environmental efforts taken by students of their school.


A meeting with students and teachers of Zalishchyky School No. 2