Head of the Maintenance and Landscaping Department - Inna Diachenko

Maintenance and Landscaping Department is responsible for recreational activities in the Park.

The main lines of recreational activity include:

  • creating conditions for efficient organized tourism, rest and other recreational activities in the nature;
  • ensuring demand for general, cultural and educational vacations, tourism, amateur and sports fishing;
  • establishing the allowable level of anthropogenic load on the Park’s territory and facilities;
  • advertising, publishing and information activities among tourists within the Park;
  • promoting ecological culture and sustainable development among the tourists and local population.

Maintenance and Landscaping Department ensures:

  • formation and operation of recreational infrastructure;
  • organization and infrastructure support of tourist trails and treks;
  • coordination between recreational activities of various entities, irrespective of their ownership form;
  • keeping of a database of recreational entities within the Park;
  • participation in scientific and practical conferences, conventions, and seminars devoted to recreation issues;
  • acquiring and sharing of recreational organization knowledge.

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