On October 16, NNP Dniester Canyon and the CAT (Community Action Team) Volunteerism Club from Zalishchyky Gimnasia organized a joint ecological expedition entitled 'Clear Shores'. On that lovely autumn day, the students of Grades 5, 8, 9 and 10 went to Syvulyna Ravine along the Dniester River, in the vicinity of Ivane-Zolote Village.

2012 10 16 1

The students were inspired by O. Voichyshyn, the Principal of the Gimnasia, I. Luchyn, teacher of English, and representatives of the National Park, including O. Vikyrchak, L. Mandziuk, P. Ploshchanskyi, Z. Zhabiuk and A. Sidorov.

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Syvulyna Ravine is among the most picturesque areas within the NPP boundaries. The steep slopes really catch your eye with their bright splashes of autumn color. The hills consist of Devon formations aged about 380 million years.

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The event was initiated by Evan Kelly, a Peace Corps Volunteer, the organizer and supervisor of the CAT Volunteerism Club and teacher of English in the Gimnasia.

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Having cleaned the area, the students, assisted by Mr. Kelly, installed and pained a sign that reads: Let no one say, and say it to your shame, that all was beauty here until you came!

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