On October 6, the National Park's employees O. Vikyrchak, A. Bachynskyi and A. Sidorov organized a field trip for a group of students and teachers from Zalishchyky Secondary School No. 2 so as to teach the children to love nature and show them the beauty of our land. The group attended Kasperivtsi Landscape Reserve located below a tiny village of Holihrady. The students were led by Vice-Principal G. I. Zagariya.

The students and teachers walked along the ecological trail above the water, cleaned a spring with curative water called Serebria, picked up trash en route, and studied the geological structure of the hills, the endemic and relict plants and the fauna.

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At the start of the trip, O. Vikyrchak told students about the history of rock formation and stratification, while A. Bachynskyi spoke about the creation of the water reservoir in 1963. The reservoir covers the area of 818 ha, with 300 ha of water surface. The students got to know that a part of the village was flooded to create the 14-km long reservoir with the depth ranging from 6 to 16 m.

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Having cleaned the spring, the students came down a winding path to the reservoir, where they had a short rest, reciting poems and telling stories.

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Then, the group saw Samotyya, a queer location with several old houses, yet another spring near Diatel Cave, and a small chapel in the old part of the village.
Coming home, everyone was bringing back the wholesome spring water and memories of the beautiful nature, realizing the need to preserve it together.

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A. Sidorov, Department of Environmental Educ

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