2012 10 22 2

NNP Dniester Canyon held a meeting "Cooperation of the National Nature Park with public speleological organizations on cave study and protection in the Dniester territory", which was attended by representatives of caving clubs, speleological organizations and the State Administration of Environment in Ternopil Region. The main issues on the agenda were the legal status of Optymistychna Cave, installation of a door in Dzhurynska Cave, and the contents of the agreement between the NNP and speleological clubs and their organizations, as well as the possible ways of cooperation. The attendees agreed upon the draft agreement on cooperation between the NNP Dniester Canyon and the public speleological organizations, although they disagreed on several controversial issues.

2012 10 22 1

The following people spoke during the meeting: M. Shkilniuk, the Park Director, O. Singalevych, Head of the State Administration for Environmental Protection in Ternopil Region, I. Pyatkivskyi and S. Tarasiuk from the above Administration, N. Yudina, President of Cyclops Speleology Club from Lviv, V. Halaichuk, the founder of Borshchiv Speleology Club, P. Kuprich, President of Troglodyte Speleology Club from Chernivtsi, and other representatives of caving clubs from Borshchiv, Chortkiv, Ternopil and other towns.

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2012 10 22 4

The most active participants of the meeting included O. Vikyrchak and P. Ploshchanskyi from the Science Department, M. Bashta from the Ecosystems Department, and A. Sidorov from the Environmental Education Department.


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