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Natural entrance to the cave

NNP is home to Dzhurynska (Nagirianska, Porosiachka) Cave, which is among the most gorgeous and richest in crystal ornaments gypsum caves in Podillia. Due to its inaccessibility, it used to be the best preserved until recently. However, mass tourists have reached the cave of late. The fragments of wrecked crystals scattered around the entrance prove that not all visitors know and obey the simplest rules of cave tourism. The crystals closest to the entrance have been fully destroyed since the cave was discovered. The entry to the cave's most remote part used to be closed with rocks and clay; thus, it is better preserved. However, the information about the hidden entrance has been spreading as of late.

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Destroyed crystals scattered near the entrance to the cave

To prevent further destruction of the cave, the administration of the National Park decided to put in a grated door at the entrance to the cave. The decision was supported by the Ukrainian Speleological Association and the West-Ukrainian Regional Association of Horizontal Speleology. Any research and scientific works in the cave can be carried out subject to approval of any of the above organizations.

The door was installed on October 7, 2012, with the aid of speleologists from Cascade Cave and Tourism Club in Kostryzhivka. Special thanks go to Yuriy Kuper from Kostryzhivka.

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The people who installed the door had to dig out the entrance that someone had buried under rocks and clay fragments, apparently to protect the cave, thus turning it into a grave for several dozen bats which were starting to hibernate. However, the bats are now safe, and so is the cave, hopefully.

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The key to the cave can be found in the National Nature Park Dniester Canyon, tel. 096-816-38-18.

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The door installed

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