On July 27, 2012, the first meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of National Nature Park Dnister Canyon was held.

The meeting was attended by M. F. Shkilniuk, Director of the NNP, his assistant V. D. Chubatyi, A. M. Drapaliuk, deputy director of the Office for Development of the Nature Reserve Fund of the Reserve Management Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, O. V. Singalevych, head of the State Administration for Environmental Protection in Ternopil Region, L. P. Tsaryk, professor, Chair of Geoecology of the Ternopil Pedagogical University, etc.

The first issue on the agenda of the meeting was the formation of NNP Dnister Canyon. The issue was discussed by NNP’s Director Mykhailo Shkilniuk. He spoke about the regulatory framework for the establishment of the Park, the problems with land transfer, the capital repairs in the office of the organization and the staffing issues.

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Olexandr Vikyrchak, head of the Science Department, spoke about the proposals developed by his department regarding zoning of the NNP, which is to be subdivided into nature reserve zone, stationary and temporary recreation zones, and the business zone. In addition, O. Vikyrchak informed the members of the meeting about the scientific research in the territory of the NNP and the cooperation agreements signed with Ternopil and Chernivtsi Pedagogical Universities.

M. P. Bashta, head of the Department for State Protection, Restoration and Use of Ecosystems, spoke about the work of his department. He outlined the main objectives and brought forward the issue of power distribution amount various entities and the Park’s employees.

Head of the State Administration for Environmental Protection in Ternopil Region O. V. Singalevych emphasized that Zalishchyky has acquired a new powerful ecological organization as well as additional workplaces for the community.

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