On October 2, employees of the NNP Dnister Canyon met with teachers and students of Zalishchyky School No. 2. Vice-Principal G. Zagariya welcomed the guests and led them to speak with students of the 10th form Maryana Zhuretska and Iryna Svicheniuk, who spoke about the environmental efforts taken by students of their school.


A meeting with students and teachers of Zalishchyky School No. 2

A. Sidorov from Environmental Education Department spoke about the structure of the park, the goals and the environmental work carried out by the Park's team. Head of the Science Department O. Vikyrchak shared his impressions of Scientific Conference held in NNP "Kremenetski Hory".
The participants of the meeting agreed to engage in mutual cooperation. The first step included organization of a field trip for the school students and the Park's employees to Holihrady and the Kasperivtsi Reservoir. The details of the trip were negotiated during a follow-up meeting.


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